Holistic Academy & Wellness Café

Holistic Academy & Wellness Café

Location: Rishikesh, India

  • Spiritual studies and certified holistic therapies
  • Creating awareness and providing guidance for conscious living amidst the rat race
  • Ancient wisdom and cures
  • Wholistic approach for a healthier life
  • Wellness café focuses on relaxation and nurturing with special menu (Detox juice therapies & nutritional salads) and healing music
  • Authentic therapists

Founder Latika Kalantri is looking for a co-creator and investors.


Latika Kalantri Bio click here

Website: www.journeyintolove.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/latika.kalantri

Email: oasisofwellbeing4u@gmail.com

Ph: +91 7261950450 or 8650333211