Cherry Picking for the Lazy Bums

Cherry Picking for the Lazy Bums

By Swapna Gopinath 

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Do you want to attract $100,000 or one crore rupees in your bank account? Do you yearn for a perfect relationship? Are you dreaming of living a life of luxury? If so, this book gives you 24 crisp methods to manifest your magnificent dream life.

“Swapna presents a plethora of practical methods with clear explanations of the steps involved in turning our dreams into reality. She has used enlightening anecdotes and examples of her own experience to illustrate the techniques.”
– Prabhath P, Editor-in-Chief, Envision Earth Magazine

“Blissings! You ‘injoy’ your journey through Swapna’s book, and are able to easily and effortlessly incorporate some, if not all, of the ‘onederfull’ suggestions shared within its pages, that you too may say, ‘I am loving, living a life of my absolute fabyoubliss!’”
– Rev. Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

“The ‘Law of Attraction’ is a starting point for those who wish to manifest their desires in life, and ‘Who doesn’t?’ you might ask. Swapna does a fine job in explaining quite simply how you can meditate and use the power of your mind to attract whatever you wish for, with routine examples that you can easily relate to. An enjoyable read for beginners.”
– Swati Prakash, Spiritual Author