Envision Earth Media presents When The Beloved Calls, a live video talk show, hosted by renowned psychologist and relationship expert Sujata Ameya, highlighting the universal truth that our significant relationships are mirrors, which continuously reflect back to us uncensored, both the profound and the profane, the best and the worst, of our own selves. No matter whether these relationships are based on blood, marriage, love or only sex, or whether they belong in the personal or professional domain, unfailingly, they serve to show us who we truly are, beneath our social personas. Our close relationships relentlessly reveal things to us about ourselves that we may not be ready to see often, or perhaps even comprehend.

So, when ‘relationship trouble’ strikes, rather than trying to fix the situation or flee from it, one can see it as an opportunity to look inwards, know ourselves, and work with our own shadows. The tension, conflict or breach of trust in a relationship, when understood for what it is, can pave the path for deeper self-discovery, self-mastery and self-actualization.

When The Beloved Calls is a show in the question-answer format where viewers/listeners can call in with their questions and challenges about their significant relationships, personal or professional.

When The Beloved Calls is a talk show

Inspired by and dedicated to

The Beloved in each of us

The ancient and eternal soul mate

The doorway to wisdom and grace!

People with expertise in video production and video editing are invited for collaboration. Also, if you have skills and experience in co-hosting an interactive talk show, you are welcome.


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