Envision Earth Magazine

Mission Statement

What We Envision

The planet and humanity now face turbulent times with a crisis that has serious ecological, humanitarian, and health dimensions. It demands a transformation of the human collective consciousness and lifestyle. We must look with our hearts across a landscape of many perspectives, creating new bridges, opportunities, and pathways that lead us closer to our infinite potential, which will enable us to envision a future for the human race, in harmony with the living Earth, and the world of the other living beings that share the biosphere with us.

Our past and our future must be brought into the infinite present, a harmonious tapestry outlining our hopes and dreams, tempered by the passion of our hearts and wisdom of our spirit, in an ever-growing vision and embodiment of what we are and what we can be.

Ultimately, the ecological challenge of climate change is a crisis of consciousness, and cannot be resolved through merely social, economic or technological solutions, more so, when new problems like a worldwide pandemic are appearing in a seemingly endless cycle. It is a question of how we can accelerate the evolution of our consciousness through ‘spiritual inner technology,’ in harmony with the Earth’s web of life and other aspects, which have historically been given greater focus, such as technology, scientific advancement, and economic development.

It is the integral evolution of our consciousness that will determine how our world and the collective reality we create will evolve, because the ‘inner reality’ and what we brand as ‘outer reality’ are interconnected.

If we provide more conscious forms and content in the media that promote deeper awareness, unity in diversity, self-exploration and an intuitive communion with Nature, we can facilitate the evolution of an integral multidimensional planetary consciousness where everyone is a visionary. By creating avenues for this unfolding, and opening ourselves to a holistic awareness of our infinite co-creation through diverse, conscious, and interconnected information, knowledge, and wisdom, we will be able to achieve this in harmony with all our fellow-beings and the Earth.

The international online multimedia publication Envision Earth Magazine endeavors to express this conscious co-creation for transformation through articles, art, poetry, fiction, music, video, films, and other forms of media, along with interactive projects and co-creative exercises involving readers and writers. This bi-annual magazine will have themed and general issues. Each themed issue of the magazine will be based on a broad theme that explores the many dimensions and the essential aspects connected to that theme. The magazine aims to offer an integral presentation of themes in ways, which can reveal the diversity in unity and unity in diversity that run through a given theme. The general issues will present a mix of content without any particular theme.

The range of topics and themes the Envision Earth Magazine intends to cover includes body, mind, spirit, energy, intuition, intention, self-awareness and self-exploration, Gaia consciousness, ecology, eco-spirituality, holistic and green lifestyle, Nature, creative learning and education, conscious community, the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Masculine, gender equity, integration of science and spirituality, Earth-friendly technology, meditation, magick, E-consciousness, innernet, the paranormal, holistic healing, shamanism, technoshamanism, dreams, art, literature, human potential development, co-creation, and conscious economics. All these topics and more will be examined and explored within the context of how individual, social and planetary transformation can be achieved through a co-creative and integral evolution of consciousness.

The Envision Earth Magazine aims to serve the ever-growing global community of spiritual seekers, sages, conscious activists and newbies by helping to facilitate conscious co-creation, healing, wisdom, conscious evolution, and Love across the world. We are experiencing a tremendous shift in consciousness now, and the time has come to embrace this process of planetary transformation in all ways. Our goal is to be part of that evolution by being a catalyst for awakening and change.

Envision Earth endeavors to be a dynamic multimedia E-magazine that will engage in continuous interaction with everyone including contributors, readers and the multimedia audience. We seek to create a growing community of conscious people from all walks of life through a process of co-creative communion. We are happy to share wisdom from both renowned and aspiring visionaries through articles, stories, poems, art, and other media, with the awareness that in fact, we are all visionaries. As our community grows and evolves in communion, this magazine will also grow and evolve, organically and integrally, moving into new dimensions and developing more features and ways, to help everyone realize and manifest their infinite potential in tune with the Earth consciousness.

Eventually, the Envision Earth Magazine will also introduce the dimension of 3D virtual worlds to magazine publishing by offering a virtual world and a virtual reality room for each section of the magazine. Many other interconnected and co-creative projects are also on the horizon, and with the help of our community, these projects will grow and evolve to enrich people’s lives in innovative ways.