Swapna Gopinath

Chief Marketing and Promotions Manager: Swapna Gopinath

Swapna Gopinath is armed with a Masters in Business Administration and a passion for numbers. She was a part of the talent acquisition function for various multinationals like Convergys, EXL Services, World Network Services and Oceanworld Technologies for over 12 years. Swapna grew up with an ardent interest in reading. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, reading and trying different cuisines worldwide.

She has now ventured into writing. Her first book Cherry Picking for the Lazy Bums presents practical and simplified methods related to the Law of Attraction that as many people as possible can practise to enrich their lives. It is based on her extensive research on the Law of Attraction besides the real life miracles she has experienced.

Email: swapna7774@gmail.com