Magazine Submission Guidelines

Envision Earth Magazine is a multimedia E-magazine, with themed and general issues. Contributions to a themed issue should be related to the different dimensions of the theme. The general issues will present a mix of content without any particular theme.

Envision Earth Magazine Second Issue: Call for Contributions

The Second Issue is a general issue without any specific theme but the contributions should be related to any of the topics that the magazine covers.

Articles, fiction, poetry, artwork (paintings, drawings, photo art), music, and audio/video are welcome.

All contributions should be sent to or by 31 March 2023.

Contributors may read the magazine mission statement and the submission guidelines carefully.

Mission Statement

Submission Guidelines

The range of topics and themes the Envision Earth Magazine intends to cover includes body, mind, spirit, energy, intuition, intention, self-awareness and self-exploration, Gaia consciousness, ecology, eco-spirituality, Nature, creative learning and education, healing, conscious community, holistic and green lifestyle, the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Masculine, gender equality, integration of science and spirituality, eco-friendly technology, meditation, magick, spirituality, metaphysics, E-consciousness, innernet, the paranormal, holistic healing, shamanism, technoshamanism, dreams, art, literature, human potential development, co-creation and conscious economics. All these topics and more will be examined and explored within the context of how individual, social and planetary transformation can be achieved through a co-creative and integral evolution of consciousness.

Articles: 600– 4500 words

Fiction: Flash fiction, mini story (500-1000 words), micro story (150-450 words), nano tale (50-100 words), short story (1000-3500 words), and serialized novel.

Poetry: No restrictions

Excerpts from books: 700 – 4500 words

Reviews of books, art and films: 500 – 1500 words

Articles, fiction, book excerpts, reviews, and poetry should be emailed, preferably, with Times New Roman 12 pt font.

Art: Paintings and Photos as .jpeg files with preferably, minimum 300 dpi resolution.

Audio: Music, talks, interviews, guided meditation and healing sessions

Videos: Vlogs, musical videos, talks/meditation/healing sessions/interviews, short films, YouTube links.

Length of audio and video can be up to 2 hours.

Word and length limits are flexible according to the quality of the contributions.

E-courses and e-booklets (PDF) can be serialized in the magazine or shared with the magazine’s registered users.

The contributors/original copyright holders will have the copyright of works featured in the Envision Earth Magazine, and are free to publish their work elsewhere, with an acknowledgement that it was previously featured in the Envision Earth Magazine. Reprints are also acceptable, if the details of previous publication are provided. By submitting their works, contributors are also expected to give the magazine the permission to publish the accepted contributions on the magazine’s website and blog, share in the magazine’s Facebook page and group, and allow these works to be included in any compilation of past contributions to the magazine in any format, published by Envision Earth Media. A brief bio, photo, contact information, and website/blog links of the contributor will be published in the magazine.


The contributors are responsible for the views they express. Such views and ideas do not always reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board members or the magazine’s editorial view.