Latika Kalantri

Chief Event Coordinator: Latika Kalantri

Latika Kalantri is a soft-skills trainer and wellness Coach. She uses her spiritually initiated name Shivanya Yogmayaa in her work as a relationship coach and writer. She had a result-oriented tenure of over 10 years in various organisations, dealing with responsibilities including Talent Management. For 4 years, she has worked as event organiser for several spiritual retreats and wellness workshops in Goa, Bangalore and Rishikesh. She has supported the programmes of many spiritual masters, practitioners and therapists as an event coordinator.

Latika believes that the purpose of living on this earth is making a difference, transforming and evolving constantly. She desires to touch the hearts of people while spreading the message of compassion and forgiveness. As an evolving relationship coach, she has helped many women and couples to resolve their relationship issues through counselling by offering a new perspective in the changing era of relationship dynamics. Through her own journey of life and love, she had the strong realisation that relationships are the gateway to self-discovery. Evolving through relationships, gave her an understanding of the art of handling relationships in the moments of trials and shadows. Her aim is to bring forth a sea of transformation for those who are ready to let go, accept and understand that they hold the key.