Sarikah Rai

Chief Holistic Coordinator: Sarikah Rai

Sarikah Rai, aka DJ Moonchild, dons many hats such as co-creatrix with Spirit, DJ, Sacred Soul Guide, multidimensional traveller and creative entrepreneur. Her professional journey began in Mumbai, India, as an advertising copywriter, producer/Radio Jockey for Times FM Radio station at the Times of India. She was also a music producer with an Indian Record Label. In 2000, she left the corporate world to pursue her passion for music and DJ’ing. It was at the same time her Spiritual quest began.

Sarikah is passionate about change and transformational work towards personal well-being, Soul Growth and connection to the higher consciousness. She is a facilitator of Tryambaka Shakti,her signature astral  healing journeys and guided meditations. She has organised and conducted multidimensional healing workshops and retreats. She has also created Psynetra, an e-portal for psychedelic and visionary para-dimensional artistes and expressions. Sarikah is currently curating an online music event New Earth Vibes – Sounds of Gaia, for independent artists. She is planning a future project for creating and setting up a healing space and eco-sustainable community in the Indian state, Himachal Pradesh.