Sujata Ameya

Chief Content Coordinator: Sujata Ameya

Sujata Ameya is a psychotherapist and relationship coach who enables partners in a ‘threshold marriage’ to reconnect consciously or disengage gracefully and, transition powerfully. Sujata is the author of When the Beloved Calls, a book of poems and artwork based on her personal experience.

Sujata holds an M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from NIMHANS, Bengaluru, and has maintained a private practice in Hyderabad, India, for 29 years. With additional training and certifications in Past-life Therapy, Kinesiology and Heal Your Life, she blends modern western psychology with ancient eastern wisdom. With her transpersonal and integrative approach, Sujata has helped over 14000 clients (individuals, couples, families, and groups) to ‘work with conflict as a catalyst for self-discovery’, and to ‘journey through life-challenges as a path to self-actualization.’

Sujata Ameya offers two signature workshops, the 20-hr Art & Science of the Beloved that guides participants to playfully discover how they show up in relationships, and the 100-hr Art & Science of Self-actualization, which is a counselor training program that enables participants to ‘grow through whatever they go through’ and help others too. She also offers seminars and workshops to corporates on Empathic Dialogue, WholeSum Leader, Emotional Intelligence and the Art & Science of Relationship.