Smart Work

Smart Work


Life is truly magnificent when you are the designer of your destiny. You have the power to manifest everything your heart desires! Just believe it!

The writer gives you an opportunity to peek into a one-day schedule of her life that has helped her manifest her dreams effortlessly! She presents proof that there are infinite possibilities to create your magical life. This book literally holds your hand to begin your journey step by step. It provides easy-to-practice methods to help you realise your dreams.

Do not leave your life to fate. Instead, roll up your sleeves and get into the role of designing your life. Create the incredible magic that your life awaits!!!

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One of the beautiful things about this book is that it is a simple step-by-step way of incorporating the LOA into your daily life…  Swapna doesn't just give you a great way to make the Law of Attraction a part of your life, she also gives you the same methods she used herself that have worked for her and are still working for her, and many others every day!”

   -  From the Foreword by Alex Moyer, Chief Executive Officer,   Envision Earth Media

The Law of Attraction requires regular practice to ensure extraordinary results. This book is a valuable and easy-to-read guide to manifest whatever you want in life. Even busy people can effectively use the simple methods described by the writer, in their daily life."

  - Prabhath P, Editor-in-Chief & Chief Operations Officer, Envision Earth Media

This book has the power to change your life for the better. The science and psychology of it are simple to grasp. Through daily habits, one is able to rewire the subconscious mind to always be on course to fulfill our deepest desire.”

- Amy I. Ramdass, Chief Creative Coordinator, Envision Earth Media

About the Author

Swapna Gopinath was born in the Kerala state of India, renowned as ‘God’s Own Country,’ and was raised in another equally beautiful place near the sea, Goa. Armed with a Masters in Business Administration and a passion for numbers, she was a part of the talent acquisition function for various multinationals for over 12 years. Swapna grew up with an ardent interest in reading. She has now ventured into writing.

This book, on the subject of the Law of Attraction, is her second spiritual book, detailing her own daily routine and methods that have worked for her in the process of manifesting her dream life. Her first Kindle E-book Cherry Picking for the Lazy Bums entered the Amazon bestseller list by reaching the highest rank of #79 in and #6 in It presents practical and simplified methods related to the Law of Attraction that as many people as possible can practise to enrich their lives, and is based on her extensive research on the Law of Attraction besides the real-life miracles she has experienced.



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