When The Beloved Calls

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When The Beloved Calls


A book of poetry and art!

Poems, mandalas and sketches by Sujata Ameya

Cover design and page layout by Nivriti Roddam

Love and longing are two sides of the same coin. Longing enlivens love and love sharpens longing. But love and longing are also contrasting energies: Love is directed towards the other, whereas longing demands a response from the other. If you ‘fall in love’ and find that it cannot or will not be reciprocated, it does not mean that your love is not real or valuable. It simply means that your love is not being met in the way you hope and wish, in the way your expectations are conditioned. Such a situation is often a Call, to completely immerse yourself in the emotional depths of both love and longing so that a new you can emerge, infused with a very different order of love, for the Beloved withinWhen The Beloved Calls speaks to this through poetry and art meant to take you on a journey into this deeper experience of Love.


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About the Author

Sujata Ameya is a transpersonal psychotherapist and fun-shop facilitator based in Hyderabad, India. She holds an M.Phil. in clinical psychology from National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, India. Practising for 27 years as a relationship and self-actualisation coach, Sujata has guided over 14000 individuals and couples, to work with conflict and betrayal in intimate relationship, as a path to self-discovery and mutual growth.


Praise for When The Beloved Calls

Sujata Ameya’s luminous and mesmerizing collection When the Beloved Calls is poetry of the mysterious and the sacred, an exquisite wonder that beckons us to her ‘cosmos within’  and ‘many-splendoured grace’ so we can experience the redemptive power of love.” 

Hélène Cardona, internationally acclaimed poet, actor and translator  www.helenecardona.com

A wonderful book of poems on love. These are perfect to be savoured over a year, one poem a week!

  Subhash Kak, Author of The Loom of Time, Mind and Self and others.

The poems have a quality of passion seen through the lens of dispassion. The Beloved is there with us all the time, but we yearn for it as though it is not. We recognise it only in spaces that are soft and quiet. Thank you for taking me there.”

 Raghu Ananthanarayanan, Author of Totally Aligned Organization, and Leadership Dharma

The poems touch the soul and move the heart through their entreaties to the Beloved at so many levels.”

Kumar S. Sharma, Ph.D., Author of Age of Ananda - Conscious Evolution to the Life Divine

This is essential reading for every man and woman, whether or not in a relationship, to get a taste of love and longing, and to understand the uplifting potential of vulnerability.”

 Sanjay Darbha, Founder and CEO, PeerLend


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